The Tale of Snipz N' Tailz
About Our Business
Snipz N' Tailz is inspired by the experiences and
lives of rescued animals.  After several years of
fostering animals for rescue organizations in the
greater Milwaukee area, I witnessed the frail and
desperate conditions that these animals arrived in.  I
began grooming as a personal mission to renew
hope and rejuvenate their spirits so that they could
have a fresh start to their new lives!

I understand that the grooming process can be a little
scary for some pets, so it is my top priority to make
the experience as safe, pleasant and as enjoyable as
possible.  I use gentle and soothing techniques to
help reduce any stress your pets may experience.  I
am also experienced in successfully handling pets
with special needs.

I love getting to know each of my clients individually
and I know how important your pets are to you. I am
dedicated to making your pet feel as comfortable and
pampered as my own!  Often times, well socialized
dogs who get along with others are free to roam the
shop before and after their groom.

I look forward to providing your pet with their
grooming needs.  Call me today to book an

Big and Small We Love Them All!

Valerie Lesak
Come say "Hi" to us if you
see us at the shop!
Austin RIP
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Jackson (golden
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